Sunday, June 05, 2005

Salary, On Accepting A Really Low One Because You're Too Wussy To Ask For What You're Really Worth

Do everybody in the field a huge disservice by accepting an MLS-level position for 10- , hell 20-, thousand dollars less than what you should be getting. Do not negotiate with the prospective employer after an initial offering is made. This will ensure that the median salary for librarians stays somewhere between the 'secretary' and 'garbage man' levels. And don't ask for raises or bonuses, either.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. When librarians complain about making $20-30K, I want to smack them. What kind of idiot gets a Master's and then accepts a job for less than what the average McDonald's manager makes?

"...but I do it for the love of the job!" Bullshit. Think about everyone else you're screwing over by accepting low wages.


Sarah Mae said...

Oh, sorry. I want to work in public libraries. Kind of impossible to negotiate a civil service salary.

MissCurledEarCat said...

I never used to believe in Unions until I started looking at salaries of those who are unionized. Librarians Unite and Unionize.

GaGerry said...

Are you crazy? Im an engineer and starting salary was 30K! You make plenty of money for doing nothing, literally.

Sal said...

Hey, asshole, it's really cool the way you misused the term 'literally' because ADD loser assholes with a passing comprehension of the English language usually do. I'm sorry you make less than the garbage men in NYC, but life is tough. 'Engineer' my ass.

Anonymous said...

FYI nyc garbage men make a base salary of 59000 a year not including over etc , salary can be as much as 80000 to 90000 a year. Lets not look down on garbage men. We keep this city clean and when it snows we take care of the hwys and streets so that emergency vehicles can do their job. Thank You

jicnacho said...

check this web: allows employees to anonymously share information about their salaries and jobs.
Find out if your salary is fair.

Anonymous said...

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