Thursday, July 06, 2006

Intercom, Using the library

The library intercom is not a toy. Things to avoid:
  • Paging patrons or coworkers (Perhaps adding a curt, "This isn't Wal-mart," to the requester)
  • Rigging up your iPod to share your love of Neil Diamond with the rest of the library
  • Serenading potential lovers
  • Mass Ssshh!-ing
  • Engaging in hollering contests


Anonymous said...

What? This isn't Wal-Mart?!

momDGP said...

Patrons ask us all the time if we could page somebody, and act as if we are lying when we say we don't have one, which we don't.

Gus and Fer said...

Well said, anonymous. I fully expect our dress code (yep, in an academic library) to expand just enough this fall to include blue vests and nametags.

The best experience for staffing a chic modern library really is waiting tables and working retail, no matter what they tell you in library school.

Anonymous said...

How about calling in Whopper orders ?

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I'm convinced that you guys work at the same library I do. I feel like every blog is written solely for my enjoyment and I am constantly forwarding them to my co-workers.
Thanks for the laughs!!

dj said...

I forwarded this blog to some of my more aware colleagues as well, as we enjoy it mightily.

We don't have an intercom either, and I love telling people that we can't page someone. Tee hee!

Soon after I started my job, my uncle asked me what it was like. "Walmart with books" was my response.


Leah said...

This is especially true for our library, where the intercom links to the 24-hour computer lab downstairs. I realized this after making silly announcements after the library was closed for the evening.

Anonymous said...

Gus and Fer I did work as a waitperson for 15 years before deciding to improve myself, make more money and win friends and influence people with an advanced (MLS) degree.
I am sorely shocked to find I am still a waitperson, make less money, have no friends and influence no one.

dj said...

Ewwww, a 24 hr computer lab??? Is that somehow connected to your library?? If it's anything like our computer lab (we're a public library), that makes me want to shower.

Anonymous said...

We just yell...

Anonymous said...

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