Monday, October 15, 2007

Provocative, Being

Be a library provocateur by making bold statements like:
  • Library instruction doesn't work.
  • Library catalogs are obsolete.
  • Reference is dead.
  • Librarianship is not a science.
  • Google wins.
Be careful not to be too provocative, lest you run the risk of talking yourself out of your cushy job.


Anonymous said...

The sad part is that many librarians would find these statements provocative, when in fact they are iron clad truths.

Neville said...

anonymous 10:10 misunderstands:

The provocation lies in pulling back the curtain to reveal the Wizard of Oz.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Really provocative:

"If it isn't in cuneiform it isn't a reference book."

Anonymous said...

And then if anyone dares to disagree with even the flimsiest of your arguments, be sure to accuse them of being "resistant to change."

Lorie Tonti said...

It's nice to see you guys back. Going through withdrawal waiting a month for a new post!

Anonymous said...


Kevin Musgrove said...

Sorry. I work in English local government and some of the manuals are a bit on the old side. (-:

livin' with it said...

Provacateur? Or just pain-in-the-ass co-worker?

Anonymous said...

Cushy ?!