Thursday, January 20, 2005

Normal Human Being, Acting Like

Library Science has a long tradition of being the 'career' of last resort. It's the chosen track for people who are too socially retarded to do anything that requires human interaction. Fine. But for 8 hours, can you at least try to represent a little better and make some frigging eye contact?!? It's embarrasing for me whenever I go to a public library and the person behind the reference desk eyes you like you're a martian with 3 heads or that you stink like a heap of garbage. I never let on that I'm a member of the cult, though, because then we'd have to bond for, like, 30 seconds about this great field of ours and that would make me ill.


Jill said...

"he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, ahhh"

That was the sound of me laughing. Your earliest posts are the best.

Guess what? Not only do I update my stupid blog at work but I read other's blogs too.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so true. As a former library technician, I remember this all too well. And actually, I still see it whenever I go into a library. It's funny, really when you think about it, that so many people go into this profession wanting to escape from other people, when it fact, it can be one of the most demanding jobs when it comes to customer relations and understanding human nature. Unless, of course you decide to do nothing but catalogue books.