Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Professional Associations, On Avoiding Like the Plague

Professional Associations can provide valuable information, opportunity for networking, the wherewithal to consolidate opinions, and the ability to form or change paradigms within a professional field, except in Library and Information Science. Avoid all library associations as if they were deadly diseases, even if your employer pays the bill. A good librarian boycotts these aloof cliques in order to one day start up a totally new rad association for librarians who are fed up with the present 'system.' Such future association might be named NĂ¼ Skool Liberians or possibly Infopro's On Da Loose or some other similar awesomely-named title. There might be a microchip implanted under the member's skin for identification purposes (thereby making sure that old-schoolers don't try to infiltrate the new association).


MissCurledEarCat said...

I did not look at professional organizations with horror. I became a life member of two. I would go to conferences to keep up with what was going on outside of my local library in my more active days.

Chris Baribeau said...

as an LT student, I could only watch in horror as members of respective boards gave their dog and pony show, to get new recruits. -I couldnt help but think these people are sexless, calis freaks.