Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Music Selection While at Your Cubicle or Desk

Only play the following genres of music at medium- to low- volumes while at your desk or cubicle:
  • Irish/Gaelic
  • "World" Music
  • Classical
  • Soft Rock (including Celine Dion, but not including Barry Manilow)
  • Country (including Tim McGraw, but not including Hank Williams)
  • NPR (only the shows that feature quirky profiles and interviews with pretensious authors)


Vampire Librarian said...

99x is why my computer speakers were taken away. Of course, they didn't tell me that. They wanted me to think that the speakers grew legs and walked away. And no, I wasn't in the public area. I worked in Tech Serv.

Anonymous said...

I am cursed with a co-worker who insists on sharing her love for smarmy Irish music. I love her otherwise, but I'd really like for her music collection to disappear.