Monday, May 23, 2005

Management Via E-Mail

Make sure that your underqualified, promoted-once-too-often manager ass avoids direct communication with staff by sending out pissy e-mails regarding triffling, unimportant issues, instead of making an effort to communicate directly and verbally. This will give you an air of importance; it will make you seem like you're too important to talk to your loser staff. Don't worry about sinking the morale of your staff by being a non-verbal e-mailer. Instead, worry that maybe your staffers think you've become a useless coward.


Anonymous said...

bonus points for sending browbeating emails to the entire staff for an infraction that only one or two staff members are actually guilty of. Be sure to use overbroad language so that it's not actually clear what the specific errant behavior is -- "staff must dress more appropriately" is a good one -- making everyone contemplate their potential bad behaviors.

Anonymous said...

Or, overly specific emails to the entire staff - i.e. "Neither patrons nor staff are to bring bikes into the library" - when only one staff member rides their bike to work and keeps it in an out of the way staff area. This is also best done about an hour after the staff member has arrived (on the bike) leaving them rather up in the air about what to do in the short term.

mo said...

and please try to copy everyone that could possibly have an opinion on the topic and encourage replies. This should be good for about 10 email chains bound to piss someone off.