Thursday, August 11, 2005

Left-handedness, Passive-aggressive

If you are a left-handed librarian, make it your standard practice to rearrange the reference desk's keyboard, mouse, and phone at the start of your shift, and then leave it to be put back to normal by the right-handed person who relieves you.


"Concordia" said...

By "normal," do you mean to imply that lefties are abnormal for putting the mouse on what is the 'right' side for them?

Tracey said...

As a left-handed librarian, I find this a bit....annoying. I don't find it rude that all the right handed librarians leave the desk in "right" mode to me, but its less than courteous if I don't leave it in "right" mode for them?

Honestly, courteousy is not the same as appeasement.

e said...

Proving once again that (most) librarians have _no_ sense of humor.



Oyarsa said...


I am a left-handed librarian; however, I have always used my right hand to operate a mouse.

Honestly, there's nothing especially wonderful about being a "leftie" or a "rightie". The true gift is in being ambidextrous. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why left handed people choose to use their left hand for controling the mouse. It's not that hard. Aren't these the sort of lefties that buy left handed can openers and complain about how unfair the location of the gearshift is in their cars?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I once left a job (was made redundant "because we have the internet now") and forgot to change my mouse back to right handed and then found that IT spent about half a day trying to find out what was wrong with it! (I use a mouse RH at work and LH at home - saves hassles and helps avoid tendon damage)