Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ties, Wearing

Don't wear a tie to work. Your coworkers will make fun of you. And you will deserve it.


Anonymous said...

I only wear Women Ties on Retro 80s Days. Of course no one else knows about Retro 80s Day except for me, so I can only assume my colleagues are left to wonder at my chic attire.

Vampire Librarian said...

I get the same reaction with skirts. Everyone comments if I wear one. I don't understand it. I am a girl, and they aren't short skirts.

Anonymous said...

Of course they aren't short skirts!

I mean, we ARE librarians after all.


Librarian Girl said...

Wait, ties are laughable, but holiday sweaters depicting Disney characters, sansabelt slacks, black socks and sandals are a matter of course? Oh, the humanity!

Anonymous said...

Addendum: If your holly-bedecked Christmas sweater has a 3-D, knit holly clump that tends to wind up precariously perched on your butt: don't wear it. just don't. ever.

Anonymous said...

Actually, ties are wonderful. As other librarians don't wear ties, this makes you stand out and appear like a dime among nickels.
And you can have so much fun with ties. I got a Gryfindor tie for my birthday, and was promised if I was really bad, I would get a Slytherin tie for Christmas (which I did).
My choice in ties can reflect my mood- a Tasmanian Devil tie for days when I have an attitude, and my Egyptian heiroglyphic tie when I want to be obscure.
And I have fun with tie clasps and tie rings and other thingies. When we were told we had to wear our id badges on the issued cloth lanyard, I got a brass Cub Scout neckcloth holder doohickey to wear with the lanyard. It fit perfectly, and annoyed many people who preferred to be serious.
Besides, bright shirts and dull ties, or bright ties with dull shirts, always intrigue the flickas. Or a suitable tie to go with the Hawaiian shirt. Mixed messages are always intriguing to others. Keeps 'em interested.

Vampire Librarian said...


You've been named one of the 10 blogs to read in 2006.

GreenLibrarian said...


ties are the work of the devil. however, i applaud those who wear ties because they enjoy wearing ties.

Conan The Librarian said...

Oh crap. Why didn't any one tell me? I wear ties a couple of days a week and my director loves it. I will tell her she has not taste and shut up.

Anonymous said...

Ties ARE the work of the devil. Oh, somehow I know more because I have a piece of cloth around my neck! I once read a study that said ties inhibit brain activity because they limit oxygen and thus blood flow.

My previous manager required those in my position and above to wear ties until a Midwest August rolled in. He dropped his tie and so did I, never to pick one up again. Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

Women wearing ties is sexy. You can wear them a little loose, over a tight button-down shirt with the top few buttons undone.

Anonymous said...

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