Monday, March 13, 2006

Association membership dues, On not paying on time

When your crappy SLA membership dues come up for renewal, ignore the second, third and fourth reminders and just wait until someone from the organization practically begs you to renew. It's always nice when someone begs, especially if they knock a little off the price. And if you decide not to renew, make sure you blow off some steam and tell someone exactly whyyou think the dues are a complete waste of money.


Lisa said...

Have you covered what to do when patrons want to dis each other? This evening, Mr. Too Much Aftershave sidled up to the desk to critcize the attire of Mr. Short-Shorts, and I was at a loss.

Conan The Librarian said...

Please take a picture next time those two come in so you can all laugh at them later when they leave.

Banana Librarian said...

And be sure to post the pic, lisa, and tell us where to find it. We always need a good laugh -- that's why we're here!