Wednesday, March 29, 2006

White cafe mocha, Deserving an expensive

Some everyday events justify treating oneself to an expensive white cafe mocha from the library's coffee shop. Some examples are listed below:

Celebrating with a white cafe mocha
  • Acing a particularly difficult reference question
  • All your colleagues leave for a library conference, and you have run of the place in their absence
  • Getting through a day with no email from any of your upline supervisors
Earning a white cafe mocha
  • Having to endure more than two meetings and/or instruction sessions in the same day
  • Sitting through a particularly long or annoying meeting
  • Having to perform staff evaluations
Other ways to justify a white cafe mocha


A. Rivera said...

Instruction sessions are never a thing to endure for me, but the meetings can make the Ironman or the Iditarod look like strolls in a park. Heck, some of those meetings I would rather be hiking Antartica pulling my equipment on a sleigh. The idea of letting the colleagues leave for the conference is appealing. As for cash, there is too little of it in my wallet, haha. Best, and keep on blogging.

Anonymous said...

I prefer a vanilla latte instead of the white cafe mocha.

I like to treat myself to something nice after a delightful instruction session with a group of "I don't need to listen to you, I'm a kick-ass basketball, baseball, football (fill in your sport of preference) player". I always want to stop in the middle of my presentation, poke one of the kids in the head, and say "Oh, I'm sorry, your highness. I thought you were here to learn something. My bad."

Librarian said...

Does it qualify as earned when blogger locks your library blog as spam and then the response form to turn it back on is broken? Really, I deserve some consolation, I think, for having to find a new host and create a whole new blog. Make mine a double, okay?

Nike said...

I have the same thing, but with ice cream from the local homemade place.
It's never too cold for banana oreo or cinnamon ice cream
And if you have your brain cells killed off by meetings and 'learning sessions' you deserve a reward

Jessamyn said...

I have always wondered how to deal with that embarassing too-much-cash problem. It's a real challenge for librarians everywhere!

Lisa said...

Oh, man: lives-in-a-camper COC just walked out the door and racy-websites COC just walked in! Slide me one o' them mochas.