Friday, June 30, 2006

Office supplies, Hoarding

Hoard office supplies in your desk and filing cabinets. Some day you may find yourself needing to dispose of a patron's body and all that library mailing tape and bubble wrap will come in handy. Just remember, it takes A LOT of paper clips stuffed in a person's pockets to make them sink to the bottom of the river.


Anonymous said...

I worked in a place where you needed to bring your old, dried up pen to the Supplies Nazi in order to get ONE new pen; God forbid you tried to get one for your deskmate. I believe the psychological scarring from this situation has made me the Office Supply Whore that I am today.

Anonymous said...

Our circ techs always moaned about how we didn't provide office supplies for the students, and that the library should buy them. (hello, the sign out front reads "Library" not "Staples"!) So one of the librarians made a big point of bringing in all these pens from home (accumulated from library conferences) just for the sutdents. And I mean boxes of them. When he suggested to the techs that they bring in their own pens from home as well, they weren't so keen.

unstricken said...

It's not the pen-hoarding that makes you king (or queen); it's hoarding the printer cartridges.
Anonymous Office Supply Whore--that's a horrible story. Most librarians I know have a weakness for office supplies, and Supplies Nazis will crush their spirit faster than a round of strategic planning.
P.S. For sinking patrons' bodies, I endorse Book Donations. We always knew they'd come in handy somehow.

Librarian Girl said...

And make sure you write your name or initials on all your office supplies with permanent marker. No sharing of scissors, staplers, or tape dispensers. MINE.

Anonymous said...

I once had a co-worker who also labelled the items of stationer, ie "stapler" on the stapler, "ruler" on the ruler, etc etc

Anonymous said...

To the one who takes offense to someone putting their name on supplies and office products. Apparently you have not had anything stolen from your desk by fellow employees and yes, I said stolen! You also have apparently not gone the whole year without a stapler because you cannot buy supplies again until July 1 of the next fiscal year. Uh, the supplies on the desk are mine because uh, they are mine.......go get your own.........

Anonymous said...

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