Monday, June 12, 2006

Signatures, Using email

Put a little spice into your correspondents' lives by adding a personality-filled signature line at the end of all your outgoing email messages. In addition to your name and contact information, include a quippy quotation from A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette, a particularly poigniant Bible verse, or your favorite Garfield quote ("I hate Mondays"). This extra little gem at the end will make it worth your readers' time to wade through your boring everyday library talk.


unstricken said...

Come on, aren't quotations in signature lines just too last century? How about just skipping your "boring everyday library talk" and emailing out random quotations instead? TO: Boss FROM: Minion
"A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is a visible labor and there is an invisible labor." --Victor Hugo

Anonymous said...

Best one I've seen that really hits right to the heart of librarianship:

Weavers get warped, spinners get a twist, dulcimer players fret, crocheters are hooked, knitters get loopy, but librarians get booked.


Anonymous said...

I use quotes form anime, video games, drunken brawls, etc. No one understands me anyway since my screensaver at work shows anime and video games figures.

Unstricken, I like minion but I would go for usurper or left-wing revolutionary.