Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Paranoid, Being

Don't let your library colleagues (even the cool ones) find out that you have a blog in which you make fun of fellow librarians. Eventually their good senses of humor will give way to gnawing paranoia that will make them think that every new post is about them. Given this post, for once, they might actually be right.


Anonymous said...

You're so vain. You prob'ly think this blog is about you.

A. Rivera said...

Actually, I think feeding the paranoia is part of the fun. Just to watch some people squirm, hehe. So, I'll let you wonder if I have one of those blogs to make fun of librarians ;)

Best, and keep on blogging.

Anonymous said...

"You're so vain. You prob'ly think this blog is about you."

Ha! Brilliant! :)

Mister Mustache said...

I have often cited examples from my public librarian job and have the advantage of not working there anymore. I've found that the anecdotes from my public library job are much more colorful than I can gain from my current job.