Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Conference presentations, Proposing

When proposing a library conference presentation, it is important to explore a provocative topic that examines interesting new territory and/or challenges professional ideas and practices.

Can't think of one? No problem! Just use the following template to create the title of your very own presentation:

Bringing __________ ...
  • information literacy
  • the "long tail"
  • an alternative to Google
  • Library 2.0
... to __________ ...
  • NExTGen
  • DotNet
  • Gen Y
  • Millennials
... students with __________ .
  • podcasting
  • blogs
  • MySpace
  • rss feeds
If you can also sprinkle the words folksonomy, collabulary, and blogosphere into your title, the conference planners have no choice but to accept your proposal. Start practicing, and good luck!


Julie M. said...

Also, the presentation MUST include a power point slide show that details every last thing you plan to say, rather than just being a summary or an opportunity to display graphics, which you then make handouts of for everyone, leaving them wondering why they came to the presentation at all when they could just read everything you planned to say.

Actually, most of my library school classes were like this.

Anonymous said...

the powerpoints also have to include 5000 screenshots of random web pages instead of real content.

additionally, the presenters must ask questions that make the audience feel out of touch and stupid. "Who here reads The Invisible Innovator Librarian blog. *No one?* (shocked disbelief) Anyone who doesn't is a technological dinosaur and smells funny!"

Sean Hero said...

And in presenting that powerpoint presentation with 5000 screenshots and seemingly little actual information yet so many details, details, details... The presenter should comment regularly: "Why is that slide in the presentation? I didn't write that"

Oh, what a pity that TAs get so little credit for doing all the work.

Anonymous said...

and, most importantly, the actual presentation must be 100 times LESS provoccative than its title! Can't tell you how many times I've gone to a session 'cuz it sounded juicy, only to find out the presenters have absolutely NOTHING to say.


val said...

kind of like this?
Library 2.0 Idea Generator