Monday, October 30, 2006

Books, P-

When speaking with patrons and colleagues about books, librarians should distinguish between print books and electronic books by using the shortened phrases: p-books and e-books. P-books may also be referred to as:
  • old-fashioned books
  • real books
  • printed e-books
  • off-line resources
  • those things they sell in bookstores


Anonymous said...

You failed to mention, my favorite:

non-electronic books

Anonymous said...

Just use "monograph" since everyone will understand what you mean

Anonymous said...

How about, as a patron said to me tonight, "Book books"?

Liz said...

This applies more to journals. How about, journals we have electronic access to vs. the journals we have in paper on our shelves that your professor insists you use because s/he doesn't understand that the electronic versions accessed through our databases are the SAME DAMN THING as the ones on our shelves?