Sunday, October 08, 2006

Suggestions, Making

A librarian should use the library's suggestion box to anonymously suggest unpopular (and/or expensive) ideas that he or she secretly endorses.
  • "Get new/better signage."
  • "Get rid of that ghastly art work in the reading room!"
  • "Restock the white chocolate Reese's Cups in the vending machine!"
  • "Buy more black, urban, lesbian erotica!"
  • "Forget the coffee shop... I'd like to see a pub!"
Ideas like these often get more traction if they come from the library's users and not from self-interested librarians. It also helps to sign the anonymous suggestion with the initials of the library director's supervisor.


Anonymous said...

"Please decrease the library's hours of operation."

Anonymous said...

I also find it useful to stuff the suggestion box with comments raving about how much I am appreciated and how I should be paid more, much more.

Instead of using the library director's boss' initials, try using the initials of the person who donates the most to the endowment.

Anonymous said...

initials of the trustries always work too, even though they would probablly just annoyingly conplain to the librarian or just go straight to the director.