Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Breakfast party, Choosing food for a

Some foods should be avoided for breakfast potluck parties at your library. Some examples include: potato salad, Doritos, and cigarettes. Sometimes it's better to bring nothing at all.


CG said...

Cinnamon fruit loaf goes down a treat at my weekly "Book at breakfast" session!! Never tried Doritos :)

Anonymous said...

I do not mind Doritos and pepperonis. They are my morning hangover comfort food. Runny eggs are my nemesis.

Royce said...

doritos and cheetos should also be avoided when enjoying a new library book. Unless you want a visual reminder of the last page you read.

librarianrex said...

What about bringing Shepard's Pie and Brussels sprouts?

Anonymous said...

Would I have to come to work earlier than I do now in order to partake of this breakfast?


f is for Fer; he failed to floss said...

At recent staff development days, the breakfast service is definitely the part that everyone likes best. I can't blame them (given how the rest of those days go, it's all downhill from there) but for me, breakfast is the intimate meal. I just don't like people well enough to share my bagel and juice time with them, never mind my bagel and juice.

I should also mention that with multiple retirements and departures, it's turning into the summer of cake at my lyberry. If white sheet cake were served at 730a as a breakfast, I might be more willing to play well with the group. It's always eggs, grits, and sausage for 120, though -- ugh.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Cigarettes and coffee is all some people NEED for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

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