Monday, July 23, 2007

Reference, Redefining

When writing haikus about the reference desk, a librarian must face the question: does the word reference have three syllables (ref' er ens) or two (ref' rens)? Unsure? Avoid the question altogether by assigning the desk a more up-to-date name. Some examples:
  • Research Consultation and Referral Desk (11 syllables)
  • Information Commons Control Center (10 syllables)
  • The Place Where the Magic Happens (8 syllables)
  • Center of the Universe (7 syllables)
  • Concierge (2 syllables)

Want to try your hand at writing a reference desk (... or whatever you want to call it) -inspired haiku? Give it a shot in the comments section below.


Kevin Musgrove said...

Working on the basis that reality is defined by its most irrational element we call ours "Masters of Reality."

Anonymous said...

wow! i really thought
concierge was three syllables
damn southern accent.

Greg Schwartz said...

And to think, I always pronounced concierge with three syllables.


Fortress of woodwork
Your high counters protect me
From people with needs

GreenTuna said...

Tough Questions For Pros:
Bathroom? Stapler? Coffee Bar?
Masters-Worthy All.

Monster Librarian said...

Danger held at bay
crazies leer over a counter of white
Mental they all seem

Annette Harber said...

furrowed brows
when they hear
how and not what

Anonymous said...

I pass pained faces
at front desk - thank god I work
in Preservation.

DaleA said...

Concierge falls into the same category as reference. Per any standard dictionary, it is acceptable to pronounce it with either two or three syllables, no accent necessary. As such, it's a great haiku word, since you can use either to fit your needs:

Find your own bathroom
I have a PhD, fool
Not your concierge

Anonymous said...

stinky little man
your files consume our hard drive
why don't you shower?

L said...

Is it my problem
The copier is empty?
Two masters for this.

Ru said...

please do not defile
the library crossword
with my borrowed pen

Ray Bailey said...

Library Homepage.
Try some different keywords.
Profession summed up.

maryt/theteach said...

ence or
reference it
makes no difference
when you do not know what to ask.

This is called a Fibonacci poem which follows the line form: 1,1,2,3,5,8

Lisa said...

No empty PCs
Reading club prizes galore
Summer Saturday

Anonymous said...

Three enquiry desk haikus:

‘Help me please, my password fails,
Enquiry desk sage’.
Outside the sun is shining

‘Fool, look at your keyboard
Caps lock is still on
Go to the IT help desk’

‘Leave me to dream of the girl
Like a paeony
I saw in philosophy’

Anonymous said...

Bugger! not haikus at all...for some reason I used a 7-5-7 syllable structure not 5-7-5.
Blame the students for distracting me with footling requests

Anonymous said...

Oh librarian
Where for art thou truest love?
All you like is books.

Oh librarian
Help with the copy machine
Where is the men’s room?

Oh librarian
Why is the Internet down
My paper is due.

Larisa said...

worn carpet surrounds
scratched surface, tired staff,
center of wisdom