Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Student library workers, On feeling their pain

College tuition rates have skyrocketed since you were an undergraduate an exponential margin. Remember to express sympathy to the student workers in your library by saying such condescending things as "I only ate half of my sandwich, do you want the rest?" and "I know your family is near the poverty level because of your tuition here, so would you like to look through this bag before I drop it off at the Salvation Army?" Always make a sad face at the reference desk to imply that you understand how tough these kids have it today. You don't ever want to project the image that you are grossly out of touch with today's youth.


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget, "After you graduate, all of this will be yours."

Anonymous said...

This poverty ... is that why so few student workers work their assigned (and mutually agreed upon!) schedules through a whole semester? Is it that they're so famished, can't afford coal for the furnace, and are too weak to make it in to work on a regular basis?

It all makes sense now.