Monday, November 05, 2007

SLA Division and Chapter websites, On wrecking as much as possible

There's no better way to represent your gnarly web organization and design skills than to volunteer to manage the website(s) of an SLA Divison or Chapter. Make sure that most of the 'newsy' announcements are at least six months out of date, that the links don't work (especially the important ones) and that you organize the info not with fancy Flash or Java functions, but rather with crappy looking tables and low-resolution photos and buttons. Furthermore, make sure that you guilt trip your fellow librarians into paying the astronomical association dues in order to maintain such a visual bounty of awesomeness. We wouldn't want to have to host those fuckers on a Geocities site with banner ads for spy cameras, would we?


Anonymous said...

Here it is 48 hours later, and there aren't any comments about this post. Does that mean nobody ever looks at these division and chapter websites? Or that everyone is SO offended by the idea of wrecking tham, that they're boycotting the comments area?


Anonymous said...

I didn't respond because I figured you were a tech person. WTF? are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

I gave up on ALA as an entity when they decided my dues money could be used for any purpose, whether that purpose was for libraries or not. So who cares what is on the web site?