Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Computer format wars, On taking sides and feeling important about it

Make sure that you make it perfectly clear to everybody around you that you prefer one computer format over the other in loud, snortling, condescending tones. If you hear someone in the distance mentioning having computer problems with a PC, go over to the person, shaking your head and rolling your eyes, and say something patronizing like "pssshaw, you use a PC?" and force an audible passive-aggressive laugh as you walk away. Then saunter off Dubya-style like a cowboy knowing that, even though you didn't invent the Mac, you are a far superior and smarter person for having purchased the better platform.


Kevin Musgrove said...

Pshaw! Computer?

Commonplace book and small ivory dip pen. That shows the buggers.

Kim said...

if only I was cool enough to hang out with the MAC crowd *sniff* .... bring back cuneiform and stone tablets... now that's old skool

Anonymous said...

ha ha, bow to my shiny puter and its user friendly interface! Bow I Say!

Kat said...

I do this just to rile anyone. Even though I use a mac, I'm the first to acknowledge that it doesn't do eveything perfect. Like going from LAN to wireless...pc's handle that soooo much better!

Anonymous said...

Please express your excitement upon the receipt of the new iMac and how you're just thrilled that you finally get to work on one again.

You should sulk away quietly after you can't find the power button and/or how to connect the keyboard. Or use the mouse or access any programs.

Times have changed since the Apple II.

B said...

Psshaw, you people use McComputers? I suppose shininess is paramount for members of certain IQ classes. But I'll take my Linux box, where I can, y'know, get some work done. I'm sure Aqua is nice for those of you viewing porn at the library, but it just gets in the way when configuring a mySQL/apache/Ruby stack.

Anonymous said...

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