Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Embarrassment, Avoiding

Never let your mother find out that your library has an Instant Messenger service at the reference desk.


Anonymous said...

Also make sure your friends know if you are not working your normal evening shift. Otherwise they might email the generic library account and freak out your colleagues by randomly inviting them out for a drink after work.

Sara Marks said...

Also, dont let your parents know you have video and audio chat abilities. They will always pick your shift on the reference desk as the time to want to use those features loudly.

Kevin Musgrove said...

There is an insincerity of purpose in telling the reference librarians that your library has an Instant Messenger service at the reference desk.

Anonymous said...

Pah! At least my parents would be understanding should I have to step away to assist another patron. Plus, they'd ask better questions than the kids that beleaguer us with their inanity.

Amy said...

If someone IM-ing you asks if you are a robot, always answer in the affirmative.

Anonymous said...

So ... you're saying that my parents understand what IM is and how it works? I'm doubting that. But then, I'm old.

As it is, my Depression-era parents are just happy I haven't been furloughed yet.

jenjen said...

Never let your friends know when you are working IM reference or they will send in anonymous very hard questions to torture you. At least, this is true for people who have me as a "friend."

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