Friday, April 30, 2010

Opening, Waiting for an

It is customary to make patrons wait outside until the precise moment your library opens.  As the opening hour arrives, be sure to stand within view of the locked front door and make a big show of watching the clock while you drink coffee, laugh with your coworkers, and animatedly discuss the morning's inclement weather.


Anonymous said...

Even better, come walking up to the front door at opening time, unlock the door so you can get in and shut it in the patrons face. Hate staff that does that!

Chris said...

You forgot the best. When its raining and you walk up and go in and lock the door in their face. Opening and closing time can be such a hard concept to master!

About Me said...


Nice post and very informative. thanks for the great sharing.


Princess said...

I like the way they read the signs stating what time you open/close and then stare at you when you walk by. You can tell they are wondering why you are there if you're not open. And why you don't open just for them :)