Thursday, May 06, 2010

Zzzs, Catching some

If you find one of your library coworkers sleeping at his or her desk, just leave them be.  If the librarian doesn't move for five days and begins to attract flies, you may have a bigger problem that will require you to file a work order.


Amanda said...

Because, of course, one doesn't dare try to get anything done without submitting a work order first.

PLPage said...

You might want to begin by forming a committee to examine the situation. And poke said coworker from a distance with a stick.

Anonymous said...

But first the committee will need to argue about what size and type of stick to use. Officers will need to be elected - after all, who will take the minutes at the meetings if there are no officers? Finally, after several resolutions, the director and/or dean of the library will pick the stick. All of the library employees will spend the next two weeks grumbling by the coffee machine.

PLPage said...

Then the entire project will get canceled because of budget cuts.

Unknown said...

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