Monday, October 04, 2010

Introductions, Making

An instruction librarian should walk around the classroom and greet each student individually with a handshake and personal introduction before he or she begins teaching.  This personal touch will make you seem charming to the students, and it will also help fill 30-45 minutes of your lecture time.


Anonymous said...

Would it be insulting if I were to slather my hands with Purell® between the time I greeted my last student and began my lecture?

Anonymous said...

@Anon#1: Nah, I think it'd be totally situation appropriate.

Mike said...

Great idea. As if they are going to remember any thing any how. This way they get the all important "self esteem" part of their higher education met.

TetheredLeathered said...

I remember when I had to give a library presentation to an Introduction to Engineering students, when our engineeering librarian was ill.

Over 300 students, in a large lecture hall, with steep nesting of the rows (think of an IMAX theatre).

I literally was wakling through the audience with a wireless mike, feeling like a game show host, just to hold their attention!

If I shook everyone's hand, that would have taken the entire 90 minutes time in that class!