Thursday, June 21, 2012

ALA, Not attending

If you are not able to attend the American Library Association’s Annual Conference, you may live vicariously through conference tweeters, webinar sessions, and conference synopses on library blogs. Also be sure to treat yourself to a virtual "exhibit hall" experience by wandering through your home library, stopping to have superficial conversations at your coworkers' desks, and then wildly shoving fistfuls of their office supplies into your tote bag.


tanita✿davis said...

*hysterical laughter*

I've only been once, and ...yeah. It's a lot like that, punctuated, for me, an author, with cocktail parties in which the same superficial conversational sallies are attempted, and more office supplies are given, and sometimes even a bag with which to carry them away...

Good times.

Gary M Klein said...

I pity the employees who have to staff the OCLC booth during this conference... How many ways can you hold a straight face, while reciting the corporate script as to "what happened with the new person who was supposed to start working there?"