Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marketing, Direct

Libraries shouldn’t waste time updating their Web sites, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds. If you really want to reach your patrons with important information, write a letter to Dear Abby.

Ask the Readers: What do you want Dear Abby to tell your library patrons?


Anonymous said...

Dear Abby, Would you please go over the definition of the word "borrow"? Some of our library patrons don't seem to grasp the concept that "to borrow" does not mean "to own". When you borrow something, you return it and when you do, it should show evidence of having been well taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Talking loudly on your phone in the library is not polite. Either listen to the librarian who asks you to take your conversation outside, or give the rest of us enough of a background on your relationship with your girlfriend so we can follow the plot of your personal call.

library blogger said...

DEAR ABBY: Nobody reads my library's blog.

Kathy L said...

Dear Abby

Please tell people what the meaning of "consequence" is. You checked out the book. It is late. YOU OWE. Don't give me "reasons" why you shouldn't pay!

Take responsibility for your actions!

I'm more willing to forgive if you tell the truth than if you make up a story hoping I'll believe it.

Farmarian said...

Dear Patrons, we are a public library, where you borrow things such as books, computer access, DVDs, CDs, etc. We are not an office supply store & thus we do not have envelopes, stamps, resume paper, whiteout, paper clips, markers, or highlighters for sale or to give away.

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Nobody reads my library's blog.

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