Monday, February 07, 2005

Cell phones in the public restroom, Using

If you happen upon someone who is using a cell phone in the stall of a public restroom, it is your responsibility to make that person admit (to the person on the line) that they are on the toilet.

You can do this by knocking loudly on the stall door, flushing a neighboring toilet, or interrupting to ask for some toilet tissue.



Grace Lee said...

Found your site throught the Blogger update and it is great...expresses all the pent up resentment us librarians feel toward our patrons!

J said...

Actually, we're more about expressing pent up frustration with our colleagues. Still, thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

I got to do this just the other day. I took a piss, belched, flushed the commode, washed my hands, ejected about three feet of paper from the towel dispenser, and just for kicks hit the buttons on BOTH power hand dryers.