Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bore, Risk of becoming a

Librarians should take every opportunity to stop being librarians when they leave the library. Those who eat, drink, and sleep librarianship run the risk of becoming bores. Is this you?!

Warning signs:
  • You have professional library journals and newsletters mailed to your home address.
  • You read the Chronicle of Higher Education for something other than job ads.
  • Your personal email address makes a cute reference to something library related (ex:
  • You own the VHS or DVD of Party Girl.
  • You have convinced yourself that you like the song "Marian the Librarian."
Some suggested remedies:
  • Learn to play an obscure instrument (accordion, banjo, etc.)
  • Take a class in a subject about which you know nothing.
  • Get a subscription to a fluff magazine.
  • Listen to the radio (NPR doesn't count) and watch bad TV.
Generally speaking, pop culture is good for the soul. Plus, it makes you much more tolerable and less "pervy" to the rest of the world. If all else fails, just quit your job.



Anonymous said...

Hours wasted on bad TV are paying off! Who knew I was buying social insurance when I watched all those episodes of America's Next Top Model?

Anonymous said...

Watch carefully, and I believe you will find the social relationships and dynamics you observe on Laguna Beach are embarassingly similar to those in your library.

Tree said...

I think this list needs to be applied to all those in education professions.