Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Television, On Not Admitting to Watching Any

Anyone asks you what you did last night, your choices are: a) reading Shakespeare b) organizing rare collection of [fill in the blank] c) volunteering at some do-gooder event or d) attended the theatre, ballet or opera. Never let on that you have a television; and don't let it slip that you have premium cable and that you watched a whole hour of World's Wildest Police Videos on Spike TV last night.


Anonymous said...

First off I gotta say that you've got yourself one helluva site here. It's hilarious and really mirrors my work sometimes!

Now then, a quick story about TV. A few days ago we had a problem with a patron where the police got involved. We have a very cool cop who pretty much deals specifically with the library and the area around us. He's laid back, and extremely well educated on matters criminology. When he was in taking the report we got into a discussion about kids and video games and the like. He had some great facts and brought up violent video games like Grand Theft Auto.

Then I told him that I not only own a PS2, but that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of my all time favourite games.

I thought he was going to crap. A LIBRARIAN plays GRAND THEFT AUTO? He thought it was hilarious and admitted that, if anyone could play such a game and remain intelligent enough to know that you can't actually do that kinda stuff in real life, it'd have to be a librarian.

So not only do I own a TV, but I usually only have it on at the same time as the PS2 or DVD player.

Sal said...

Buffy has been officially grandfathered into the Librarians Approved List of Television Programs (I know this because even the librarians at certain Harvard U. libraries are obsessed with this show). Is Masterpiece Theatre even on anymore?

Anonymous said...

ok, I found out the hard way, never admit that you don't even own a television! People a) don't believe you b) quiz you about what you watch (no really, I don't own one) or c)treat you like their really slow younger sister because you obviously have no contact with the "real" world.
When people ask if you saw the xyz episode last night, a simple, "I just missed it, tell me all about it" suffices.