Friday, April 08, 2005

Candy dishes, Eating from

A decorative candy dish left in plain sight on a desk is usually an open invitation to stop by, chat, and to take a break from your day as you share in some sugary goodness. However, it is still appropriate and polite to ask, "Oh, may I have a piece of your candy?"

Taking candy from decorative dishes when the owner is not at his or her desk is really uncool.

Candy hidden in drawers, purses, or pockets is strictly off-limits.


Editor's note: An Altoid box is not a candy dish, so keep out unless offered!


Sal said...

Is it ok to make deposits into someone's candy dish?

Anonymous said...

It is verrry important to make occasional deposits into the communal candy dish. Otherwise, the keeper of the candy dish will secretly resent you, and one day when your boss makes an off-handed comment about you to your colleague, they will jump at the chance to sully your reputation. Not that that's happened to me; I always make deposits to the candy dish.