Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Patrons, Fraternizing with

You are a professional. Do not have sex or do drugs with patrons.



Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, I've actually had this problem. There's been a couple of occasions where a female patron starts flirting with me. One actually asked me out for drinks and I had to display the wedding ring. I'm not sure she cared all that much.

What really floored me was something that was my own fault. I had a couple female patrons in needing library cards. After some coversation I figured them to be sisters. One was attractive but the other was hot. The attractive one needed the card, the hottie wasn't sure if she wanted one or not. I was working hard on the card and trying not to ogle her like side of meat. Then they asked me if the sister (the hottie) could get a card too. I said sure and handed her a form. Attractive sister looked at said form and exclaimed "Oh! Since you're 13 mom and dad have to sign it."

I nearly screamed. Damn. I didn't feel like a predator when I woke up that morning. That girl looked thirteen like Britney Spears looks ten.

Anonymous said...

Closest I ever came was when a patron brought some overdue books to the circ desk and said to me, "I need to be spanked." Unfortunately, we didn't have a policy in place at the time so nothing came of it