Friday, April 29, 2005

Fanny packs, Contents and Sharing of

If you must wear a fanny pack at all times, please be considerate of others when removing personal items. Loose cigarettes, data projector cords, matches, utensils (especially knives) and saltine packets should not be placed on the reference desk while you search for a pencil. Ask to borrow a pencil. No one wants to know the contents of your fanny pack. Ever.


Anonymous said...

A corollary:

If the gender and age of the person carrying a fannypack is a male over the age of eighteen, there's a 90% chance that he's carrying a weapon in said fannypack. If so, there's an 80% chance that weapon is a firearm.

cbpotter said...

If the gender and age of the person is female and between 12 and 50, there's a 98% chance she's carrying a feminine hygiene product in the fannyback. Most males fear these more than firearms.

Anonymous said...

Be aware that to the British, 'rummaging in a fanny pack' is a felony offence.