Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Job interviews, Avoiding answering hard questions during

During interviews, make sure you have a plan for answering questions that are waaaay above your head. In these bold new times, library jargon has hit critical mass and it is not uncommon to be confronted by terms such as "taxonomy" "semantic design" or "ontology" during an interview for a part-time circ desk job. The studious librarian should prepare for these situations by either A) updating their professional skills and knowledge of new trends via seminars, conferences and one-day courses or by B) distracting the interviewer with a funny anecdote. Note: while option 'A' is preferable, option 'B' is by far a funnier story to tell while drunk. Librarians desperately need to learn how to tell funny stories at cocktail parties, so your should always go with the funny anecdote.

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Anonymous said...

Or, option C, repeatedly assure the interviewers that you are, indeed, not stupid, and you would gladly submit an answer to this incredibly profound question later via email. Afterall, it's too terribly important an issue for a quick off-the-cuff answer. And again, really and truly, you're not stupid.