Friday, June 03, 2005

Recruiting new librarians

It is your responsibility to recruit people to the profession of librarianship. Evangelical librarians can accomplish this task by inflating the inherent coolness of librarianship ("We are defenders of freedom!"), pretending to enjoy professional reading and meetings ("ALA is like Lollapalooza!"), and by lying about how much they enjoy their work (I just read novels all day!").

After all, if we don't see to it that the job market is supersaturated, who will accept those jobs that offer insultingly low salaries?


Anonymous said...

Who indeed? I am actually one of the low paid, nonprofessionals working in the library field who is (no irony intended) also enrolled in a workplace sponsered MLS program.
Was I recruited? Ever heard of The Great Librarian Adventure?" Check out this web address:

There is this supposed shortage of librarians, especially in rural areas. (Can you say central Illinois?) I am close to halfway done and am wondering when these jobs will materialize.

Anonymous said...

then when you make a comment about how so many people you know can't find library jobs, say 'It's up to the new graduates to sell themselves better'.

loofrin said...

I'm just starting my MLS. I guess I'll see what's out there on the other side of it all. Take it easy.