Thursday, October 13, 2005

Manilla folders, Carrying

Always carry a manilla folder with you everywhere you go. In this folder, have a print-out of a spreadsheet. Any spreadsheet will do, but it helps if it has a call number or two on it. When the library director busts you as you're wandering the stacks with your cup of coffee, produce the manilla folder, pull a random book from the shelf, check your spreadsheet, and replace the book. "Everything's fine here!"

Manilla folders are also valuable when you get busted sitting in someone else's office gossiping, trading advice about job offers, or just catching up on one another's weekends. As the boss passes by, say, "I'd tweak the numbers a bit and see if you can't make those figures match up," then pass the folder to your accomplice.

Never underestimate the power of a manilla folder.


Cathy Belben said...

Hey Jason--
Jennifer and Jimmy sent me to your blog. I'm a former high school librarian currently writing for the TV show Veronica Mars. But I miss the library world! Love this post about the manila folders and spread sheets. I also highly recommend the carry-a-clipboard-tuck-a-pen-behind-your-ear approach.

Krazy Krafter said...

I whole-heartedly agree. I always have some official-looking papers scattered on my desk when I'm surfing the net. I have a friend whose technique is to periodically rush frantically to the copy machine and make a copy with a very bothered look on his face. Then he just goes back to his office and continues blogging or whatever.

Anonymous said...

I came upon this site while going from library blog to library blog. Thanks for the laughs! I work in a new branch of a library in the South..and man, I've done the clipboard....but the manila folder and the copier... *kisses fingertips* Muah! Perfection!
I'll be using these Monday!

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is
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