Thursday, October 06, 2005

Stock Market, Playing heavily in

Educate yourself on personal finance during company time as much as possible. Play the stock market heavily, taking as much risk as possible to earn the highest potential yield. It also wouldn't hurt to get some OTB action or to head down to the dog tracks during your lunch break. And don't forget the roullette tables in Vegas. Bet it all on your lucky number. Eventually, you'll have enough cash to quit your personal slice of hell known as your job at the library. God that day can't come soon enough.


WallStWizKid said...

penny stocks, Small-Cap

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Vampire Librarian said...

You should also regularly "patrol" the library keeping an eye out for all those pennies no one bothers to pick up anymore. You could have a whole dollar before the month's out.

Checking the change return on the copier and vending machines is also a good source of revenue.

Krazy Krafter said...

I don't play the stock market, but I do get a lot of other "research" done...I mean, we have the resources. I just need to familiarize myself with them.

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