Monday, December 05, 2005

Attire, On What to Wear When Interviewing Candidates For a Job

If you are a manager, make sure you dress yourself like a peasant when you interview prospective candidates for a job in your library. While the guy you're interviewing is dressed in a sharp suit that obviously costs more than your whole wardrobe, make sure you put out the wrong impression by dressing like a slob and send a message that this interview isn't that important to you. You only represent the entire department, you lousy dresser you. Bonus points for reeking like raw sewage.


Unknown said...

I recently had an interview on casual Friday. They apologized about their attire while I had on my most expensive clothes. It was kind of funny and at least I knew that I had dressed okay for the interview.

Anonymous said...

ha ha. this is a good post. kinda funny when the interviewee is on his/her best clothes and tie while the managers in slacks or jeans. Professionalism?

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