Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Graffiti, Being creative with restroom

Racist and homophobic epithets are so passé when it comes to restroom stall graffiti. Declarations about the size of one's own sexual organs are also overused and, frankly, often untrue. Greek letters representing fraternities are tired. And despite the convincing note, you may determine after repeated calls that this Mandy person may NOT want "to have a good time" after all.

So what's a restroom author to do?

Spice things up a bit with a creative use of space, language, and drawings. A recent example: Near the top of the stall door, in small cursive, far above the cluster of notes written in arm's reach of the toilet, was a note that read: My arms are longer than yours.


unstricken said...

my favorite restroom graffiti is in a university restroom. In one stall, the old toilet paper holder has been removed, and a new one installed in a different spot. Across the old spot, someone has written, "I remember when there used to be toilet paper here." Nostalgic, somehow poignant, but pointless.

Norma said...

Guess the Dewey number?