Monday, May 01, 2006

Gloating, On

It is totally uncool to gloat to your coworkers after handing in your letter of resignation. Avoid...
  • Proudly drinking from a coffee mug bearing your new school's logo
  • Gleefully bidding an early formal farewell in various committee meetings
  • Unabashedly not taking notes in meetings
  • Audibly counting down your remaining days at your current job
  • Being happy
Be considerate of your coworkers' feelings and at least pretend that you're headed to a place that's not all sunshine and daisies.


Anonymous said...

I read the back of American Libraries (the job ads) while in meetings. It makes meetings go much faster.

Also, I always leave a job site displaying on my PC screen. Do this and people leave you alone. They can't have another person leave!

Anonymous said...

Once you arrive at your dream job though the good times will wear thin as you discover all the little problems that will make you want to Mexican liver punch the lymph nodes out of someone. Just give it time and you will once again begin to feel the same way about your new jab as did of your old job.

Anonymous said...

Ah, don't spoil your fun by being polite! You'll only see these folks once a year at annual meeting so have at it! Be seen bringing in catalogs with warm weather togs if you're leaving winterland. Let everyone know you won't be at the next (boring) meeting cause you're leaving. Rub it in and chuckle to yourself. You don't get to do this THAT often so enjoy their envy. EXPECIALLY if you can confide in the biggest gossip in the bunch confidentially that you're going to be making much more money. AND, always arrive at least 15 mins. late your last week--what can they do, fire you? Think of this as etiquette in a higher cause--forcing Admin. to treat their remaining slaves, uh, I mean, workers more fairly or they'll all leave and we DON'T want administrators working the reference desk!