Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stat counters, Lessons learned from

Placing a hidden stat counter on a library web site or blog is a great way to see if visitor traffic justifies the time spent authoring the content. In addition to counting the number of new and returning visitors, these counters also give the author some insight into how people arrive at their page.

For example, a surprisingly large number of people reach A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette by doing one of the following Google searches: nude librarians, nude sexy librarians, and sexy librarians (presumably the latter still being clothed). The Guide's authors can only imagine that their accidental visitors are sorely disappointed to learn that librarians, by and large, are not the least bit sexy. And more often than not (thankfully), they do wear clothes.


Suzanne said...

Nude librarians? Not me. I read it for the humor.

But hey, underneath my clothes I am totally naked. Does that count?

Viviane said...

I'm a librarian. And damm proud of it.

AnonymousX said...

I've run into every pick-up line possible from people who hear I'm a librarian. There's definitely some weird fascination with sex in the stacks, sexy librarians, etc, etc. Every once in a while my hit counter will read for a similar one - my favorite was "lap dance" librarian. Now there's a picture.

ebbye said...

Sadly enough, there are some movies where the librarian girl/ shy girl/geeky girl with glasses and a really drab hairstyle/clothes sense is actually really hot underneath! Kinda like me - ha ha! I wish I could remember the neames of the movies but my point is that there is a bit of a fantasy that the librarian who may seem so prim and mannerly actually is a hottie with the hair loose, a sexy dress and a tiger's interior. Maybe men want to link the fact that us library girls ( actually book shop girl) are hot both inside and out!