Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parties, Throwing

Final exams week is a great time to host an impromptu party at your library. But don't invite your security folks. They will confiscate uncovered drinks and/or spray your students in the face with mace.


Anonymous said...

And I thought our food/cell phone problem was bad! Jeez!

Anonymous said...

No sympathy for the trust-fund anarchists. If they really want to disrupt a corrupt and imbalanced society, they can have their little raves at a police station or a government building instead of pushing around "the nerds." Oh, but wait! Cops hit you 'n stuff! Let's go freak out the nerds instead!

They're just mad because there were consequences to their ridiculous, selfish, and aggressive behavior. Welcome to the world, kiddos. It's not all Ecstasy and crappy music.

Anonymous said...

Apparently UK's seniors threw a rave in the William T. Young library.

Anonymous said...

Jeepers! We spend all year working on that outreach, Facebooking, friendly library 2.0 social network stuff . . . and when the kids finally show up to rave the library, the campus cops bring out the Mace.

Can't win for losing.