Monday, April 19, 2010

Read, Being well-

Use your experience at the library's reference desk to get the pulse of what people are reading.  If you want people to read and cite your writing, consider writing an article entitled, "The Effects of Global Warming on Marijuana Legalization: Can Childhood Obesity be the Next Diabetes for Autistic Serial Killers with HIV/AIDS."  If you can publish this in The Academic Journal -- Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Research Articles, that's all the better.

Note: If you are a desperate undergraduate who stumbled upon this page in a Google search, stop right now and go see your local librarian.


Jim S. said...

The suggested title reminded me of "Talk Soup" on Wierd Al's "Alapaloosa" album. I probably should say explicitly, that is a compliment!

Anonymous said...

An alternate publication to consider is the "Journal of Irreproducible Results", which does, of course, exist.

Ian said...

Well done.