Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Voice, Mailing your

A polite librarian should help library colleagues keep their overburdened inboxes clean by opting for long, rambling, hyper-detailed voice mail messages in lieu of email.


fifilaru said...

The voicemail should be very long and slow, except when you leave a call back number, then mumble and speak quickly. This has the added benefit of requiring that your voicemail be listened to a number of times.

And if you are a salesperson, make sure you call the library director frequently and ask if they are busy.

Anonymous said...

But some voicemail programs email you a .wav of your voicemail. Success- you've inconvenienced people even more!

Oh god, library vendors warrant a post all of their own. Don't they realize their sole purpose is to give us free shit at ALA and then to fuck off? The emails I can handle. But dear rep from &*%$#^ who called three times in one day, even though I was on the desk and then in a meeting (really!) I will never, ever return your call.

Anonymous said...

Even better, the voice mail should be long and slow and rambling, and *then* mumble one's name and phone number. To ensure that the person receives the voice mail, leave several incomprehensible messages before they have a chance to phone you back.