Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pet projects, Promoting your

As final exams loom, academic librarians should begin gearing up for the Who can be the most annoying about their summer pet project? contest.

The rules are simple:
  1. Pick a project that no one else cares about.
  2. Talk about your project all the time.
  3. Assume that your project is everyone's highest priority.
  4. Get defensive when no one will give you any feedback or comment on it.
Ready? Set? Go!

"So I'm going to be changing the screensavers on all the public workstations this summer, and I was wondering if we could all meet to go over the first draft of my proposal?"


Anonymous said...

Initiate a "Discussion" via intra-departmental email and then become infuriated when your staff engages in a lively discussion and email said staff to "shut up about it I'm tired of hearing all your complaining!"

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, be sure to be critical and obstructive to every project that is not your own. Don't attend the meeting to discuss the screen saver proposal - just send an email to say you can't make it, but they're fine the way they are and you see no reason they should be changed. Be careful to be appropriately hostile so that the recipient knows you have no interest in learning their reasons. Double points if they're in IT.

Liz said...

do y'all work in my library? This all sounds quite familiar!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna upgrade the 80's font on all of the paper signs in the building. Cus' librarians would rather make a sign than tell people where the stapler is.

My summer project is smokin - uh huh I know...

Vampire Librarian said...

Oh, anonymous has been reading my blog!