Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Information Commons, Building an

Modernize your library with a new information commons by buying movable modular furniture, specialized computer software, multimedia presentation equipment, etc.

Restricted by a tight budget? Do it on the cheap by renaming your existing computer lab with a hand-scrawled "Information Commons" sign.


Lib.Tech. up North said...

Really modernize your library and turn it into an Information Commons be getting rid of all those useless books that nobody reads anymore as it is.

Anonymous said...

And soon there will be this:


libwitch said...

as a very wise former co-worker said to me upon hearing we were getting an information commons, after much pondering: "thats just a space with new furniture, and more computers, right?"

I could only agree with him. Even after having one for years...I can STILL only agree with him.