Friday, January 29, 2010

Place, Knowing your

If a faculty member calls you, a librarian, by the wrong name (Sharon instead of Susan, or Mike instead of Mark) in the classroom, just roll with it. At least they are talking to you and not giving you a wedgie in front of the class. Maybe if you're lucky, they'll even let you carry their books to their next class.


shushie said...

This happened to me early on at one of my previous work places. I let it slide too long and occasionally was placed in some bizarre scenarios where I had to be both Superman and Clark Kent at the same time. Luckily, my alter ego was never assigned extra responsibilities outside of signing birthday cards twice.

Anonymous said...

the very day you posted this I was called Karen by a faculty member. My name may begin with "K" but is decidedly not Karen. I was flattered he remember the beginning consonant. Someday he may remember to say thank you.

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