Thursday, March 04, 2010

Flash mobs, Library

The best way to deter a flash mob from taking place in your academic library is to invite students to an official, library-sponsored flash mob.  Announcing it on Facebook, Twitter, and your library blog will drain it of all coolness and make it just as sparsely attended as all of your "local author" book discussion events.


finally_a_librarian said...

Flash mobs would be alot more quiet than some of the cell phone users, who have this need to USE THEM ON SPEAKERPHONE!

Library. Tech. from Canadia said...

Conversely, how to take the excitement out of a famous author book signing event: Invite said author (in this case P.D. James) to the branch of the bookstore least likely to be associated with celebs, and place her behind a desk with all her books. Since she looks like a librarian at the best of times, clients, even her greatest fans, will mistake her as a store employee. True story.