Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green, The wearing of the

Be sure to wear green on St. Patrick's Day.  As you read this, your perverted librarian coworker is wandering the stacks looking for someone to pinch.


Laurie said...

Not that I need an excuse to wear green but I am in celebration of St Patrick's Day :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone of Irish descent, I actively avoided wearing green at work for St. Patrick's Day—until this year. I thought it would prevent my coworkers from razzing me about the spirit of the moment, but I have regretted every moment of doing so on this day. It is easier to take the harassment than the embarrassment of wading through corridors of green clad goofs.

Jessica said...

Why not celebrate one of the ethnic contributors to the United States?

finally_a_librarian said...

Never heard of the pinching tradition, and, since I made a point of not wearing any green, I'm glad none of my colleagues or patrons didn't either. One colleague did leave me a "present" of a green lei, which I shoved into a drawer. Jessica is correct. I am not Irish nor Catholic, and am annoyed at those who think everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Do I make everyone wear "my" colors on my ethnic day?

Elizabeth said...

You don't have to be Irish to wear green and have a little fun. And no one makes me wear green, I choose to do it myself!

TetheredLeathered said...


Today I am wearing greenish sox, a shirt with green stripes, a bright green t-shirt, and green underwear.

Shannan said...

I wear green for the fun of it on St. Patrick's day. I have one single ancestor who was Irish, but I don't identify in any way as Irish.

I've never had breast cancer, but I wear pink for them on their day.

It's just about being part of a group - a society of multiple traditions. I like the inclusivness of inviting everyone to join in traditions like this much better than the exclusive idea of "you're not one of us, you can't celebrate this aspect of our culture with us".

I wore a green shirt yesterday, and today, green trousers and jade earrings and necklace. Also, I have green eyes so no hope to completely avoid green ever.

Also - St. Patrick wasn't born in Ireland - he was born in England (maybe Scotland) to Roman-British parents. He came to Ireland as a slave. His original name wasn't Patrick. Finally, the colour originally associated with St. Patrick was blue, not green.

Happy St. Patrick's day!